Motion App Review 2023

Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with the demands of everyday life?

With Motion App, you can have a better handle on your day-to-day activities by creating actionable plans that help get things done. It’s an easy-to-use task manager app that will organize all your tasks automatically plan them and set reminders so you won’t miss anything important. You’ll be able to plan out everything from grocery lists to longer term projects in one go!

And there’s even more – it includes features like automated notifications for upcoming deadlines, time tracking, reoccurring records based on daily or weekly timelines, tagging system for organizing projects quickly and shortcuts for getting the most routine work done in minutes.

In short, this is the perfect way to make sure that nothing gets forgotten and lost in the infinite distraction of everyday obligations.

Check out Use Motion see how much easier managing your time can be!

What is Motion App?

Motion or ‘Use Motion’ as some people like to call it, is a productivity tool that takes the hassle out of planning and helps you stay organized effortlessly. It helps you plan, schedule and prioritize tasks so you can work efficiently and get all your jobs completed.

Who Created Motion App?

The answer is three ambitious entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference. They are Omid Rooholfada, Harry Qi, and Ethan Yu.

In 2019 these tech wizards came together to form their innovative productivity application called ‘Motion’; an app designed to help boost your productivity in the office.

They promise to help you save up to 30.3 days a year. Imagine!! That’s like gaining an extra month for yourself or your business every single year.

What makes Motion special is that it uses AI-driven algorithms and analytics to create personalized plans and strategies for teams so they can be more efficient at reaching their goals. It integrates with existing applications like Gmail and Zoom and Zapier, making it easier for businesses everywhere to seamlessly transition into using this powerful family of tools without sacrificing workflow integrity.

Within the recent years since launching , Motion has been well received globally as one top-rated productivity app – 1 fastest growing product in 2022 by Amplitude’s Product Report.

Top benefits of Motion App

Increased productivity: A task manager and scheduling assistant can help you stay organized and prioritize your tasks, ensuring that important deadlines are met and nothing falls through the cracks.

By using a task manager and scheduling assistant, you can allocate your time and assign tasks more effectively, ensuring that each task receives the appropriate amount of attention and that you make the most of your available time.

Reduced stress: With a task manager and scheduling assistant to help you keep track of deadlines and appointments, you’ll experience less stress and anxiety about forgetting important tasks or missing deadlines.

Improved collaboration and teamwork: Task managers and scheduling assistants often have features that allow for easy delegation and collaboration, making it easier to coordinate with other team members and work together towards shared goals. This can lead to increased efficiency and improved outcomes for projects.

Best Features of Motion App

With Motion, you and support team can wave goodbye to juggling multiple calendars and disjointed to-do lists. This all-in-one solution automatically creates personalized schedules, ensuring that every minute of your day is optimized for maximum productivity.

But that’s not all – Motion also allows you to seamlessly manage tasks, collaborate with your team, schedule meetings, create events and merge your work and personal calendar into a single, streamlined interface. Say hello to stress-free planning and hello to a more productive and balanced workstyle.

calendar event management

With its unique features like calendar view where it displays upcoming tasks and meetings all at a glance as well as reminders for tasks or assignments due ahead of time, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the chaos of everyday life and stress about forgetting something important. Plus identify free slots within your day to fit more into each day which really helps increase productivity while still maintaining balance.

  • Automatically reshuffle when priorities change
  • More focus and deep work time
  • Automatically resolve blockers

motion’s task manager

On top of that Motion also offers tracking & reporting capabilities trial users such as providing insights on how much time is spent on certain tasks or projects giving individuals better knowledge over their workloads allowing them to make conscious decisions regarding their decision making process when it comes time management.

Additionally it integrates with popular applications like GMail, Zoom, Outlook and others making it a great resource for productivity apps for teams who want manage their workloads together while keeping everyone organized and accountable.


schedule meetings

Overall Motion has provided people with an incredible platform that allows for budgeting one’s time more effectively thus giving them greater control over how they utilize each day. With its user-friendly interface and plethora of features this program is setting the standard for how we manage our lives going forward!

Motion App Pricing

Motion App offers 2 simple price plans.

Option 1 is for individuals

Cost: USD19 p/m billed annually

  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Automated scheduling and planning with A.I.
  • Calendar management
  • Meeting booking pages
  • Meeting booking templates
  • 1-click email assistant
  • Desktop and Mobile app
  • Dedicated customer support

Option 2 for Teams

Cost: USD12 p/user p/m billed annually, which is a -40% discount per member

Top tip: If you friend, buddy, hubby or family member also has a busy schedule to manage then it more cost effective especially if you are a family that live around the global and events together then go for the Teams option.. or if you are like me and come from a large family all based in different countries and time zones, this feature is a great for planning vacation, celebrations and Occasions.

This makes it more cost effective plus you get additional features;

  • Collaborate on projects and tasks with your entire team
  • Automated planning and prioritization of tasks for each team member

Motion App Pros and Cons

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of Motion and explore its various aspects

Motion App Pros

  • Acts like a virtual assistant
  • Excellent value for money
  • Desktop App
  • Automatically reschedules meetings and tasks

Motion App Cons

  • Free 7 day trial requires a Credit Card to sign up, which could be a con if your bank doesn’t offer a single use Credit Card.
  • Limited number of integrations

Motion App Alternatives

Sunsama is could be a great alternative for you. It has all the features of Motion but I feel it is more geared to toward task management and meeting deadlines rather than planning and managing your time. Read my full review here.   

My Personal Experience of the 7 Day Trial

One of the standout features of Motion is its powerful AI integration. From the moment I started using the app, I noticed its ability to assist in scheduling and prioritize tasks. The AI-powered automatic scheduling tool, which is similar to the popular Calendly app (worth $12/month), was a game-changer. It helped me eliminate decision fatigue by suggesting the most suitable tasks to work on next. While it took some time to adapt to this AI-driven approach, I soon realized how much it simplified my daily workflow.

A Look at Motion’s User Interface:

While Motion has several impressive features, the user interface could be more intuitive. Initially, I found myself spending a significant amount of time setting up the app to fit my preferences. However, once I familiarized myself with the layout and customization options, things became smoother. Motion’s unique selling point lies in its ability to create personalized schedules, allowing users to seamlessly manage their professional, personal, and purpose projects all in one place.

Trial Period Limitations:

One aspect I found slightly limiting was the app’s 7-day trial period. While this may be sufficient for some users, I felt that it didn’t provide ample time to fully explore Motion’s capabilities. As with any robust app, there is a significant setup time required to unleash its full potential. It can be daunting to invest time configuring an app during a brief trial period, unsure if it will be worth the commitment.

Choosing the Right Pricing Plan:

Another consideration when using Motion is the pricing plan. Although the annual plan offers substantial savings, it may not be suitable for everyone. In my case, I initially opted for the annual plan but soon realized that without the ability to connect my work calendar, committing to the higher cost was challenging. Instead, I adjusted by switching to the month-to-month plan, providing me with additional time to evaluate Motion’s compatibility with my schedule and priorities.

The Decision: Cancel or Commit?

After canceling the annual plan, I decided to give Motion another chance by re-purchasing the month-to-month plan. With more time at hand, I hope to fully immerse myself in the app’s features and assess its long-term value. If you have access to your work calendar or are a full-time entrepreneur, committing to Motion seems like a no-brainer. The AI-driven scheduling and the convenience of having a google calendar with all projects grouped together make it an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive calendar management.

verall, Motion brings a fresh perspective to the project management app market. Its AI features and unique scheduling tool offer a new level of efficiency and organization. While the trial period may feel short for some, taking the time to explore Motion’s capabilities beyond this initial phase is crucial. Whether you ultimately decide to commit to Motion or not, it undoubtedly provides a valuable experience in eliminating decision fatigue and optimizing task management.

If you’re ready to take control of your schedule and experience the power of AI integration, Motion might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. Give it a try and allow yourself ample time to get into the flow of Motion’s innovative approach.

Is Motion Worth Signing Up For?

In short, their combination of detailed insights and automated tasks allow for unparalleled effectiveness when it comes to managing and organizing customer data. That way, you have more time free from manual workloads so that you can focus on closing deals and staying ahead of your competitors while making sure all important customer info is securely stored.

Taking time management to the next level, Motion helps you work smarter and not harder so you can outpace your competition.

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