10 Accountability Partner Apps I’m Using to Achieve my Goals

What would your life look like if you got everything you wanted done two years ago?

Take a minute and think about it (I’ll wait right here). Where would you be now? How would your life be different? What would you be doing?

I know exactly how my life will look.

Two years ago, I decided it was time for a life change…..and I’ve been planning and preparing for it since. I’m about nine months from buying my apartment, going full-time in my own business, and moving to another country.

Pretty big changes! Yikes!

I know what you are thinking …. 2 years is so long, and you are right.

But when I planned everything out, I knew it would take 24 months to achieve all 3 of these chunky goals. I am changing my life after all.

So, how have I been motivated to keep going without seeing rewards?

Well, option one, ‘Sisters,’ they’ll keep you on the straight and narrow and won’t sugarcoat a thing.

If you don’t have sisters, then I recommend option two, an accountability partner app.

Over my 15 months, I’ve tried a few apps. Some I’ve stuck with, others, we parted ways.

If you have goals and are planning life changes, check out these apps to stay motivated and help you keep going.

What Are Accountability Partner Apps?

Accountability partner apps help you stay focused and on track to achieve your goals.

Some basic apps offer reminders; think of them as prompts to execute small parts of the bigger plan. At the same time, the more advanced and sophisticated apps provide a proven framework for maintaining focus and achieving personal or professional milestones.

Various mobile phones with productivity apps on the screens

My Overview of The Best Accountability Partner Apps

Accountability apps are growing in popularity as people are becoming more driven to achieve their goals.

If an accountability app can help you reach your goals faster, it’s a win.

Here is my list of top apps I’ve tried and tested over my journey.

  1. Best All-in-One Accountability App: GoalsWon

  2. Best for ADHD Support: Flown

  3. Best for Financial Motivation: Forfeit

  4. Best Virtual Coworking Platform: Focusmate

  5. Best for Project Management: Tability

  6. Best for Positive Peer Support: Supporti

  7. Best for Parental Control: Accountable2You

  8. Best Virtual Boss Experience: Boss as a Service

  9. Best for Commitment Contracts: StickK App

  10. Best for Habit Tracking: Coach.me

My favorite and most highly-rated accountability tools feature a variety of options, including:

  • Virtual coworking spaces

  • Personal Coaching

  • Financial motivation

  • Habit tracking

Regardless of whether you’re an individual looking for personal accountability or a project manager in search of group accountability tools, one of these apps will tailor to your needs.

1. GoalsWon

Best All-in-One Accountability App

GoalsWon is a goal medal winner. Its a productivity powerhouse, offering a holistic approach to accountability.

In one sleek package, it is an all-in-one app for personal accountability coaches, goal trackers, and habit builders.

The standout feature is its personalized coaching that connects you with real human coaches for 1-on-1 support, motivation, and accountability. (Now you see where I am going with option 2 when your sisters are not an option).

They guide you in building new healthy habits, overcoming procrastination, and staying motivated to achieve your goals.

There’s more…coaching isn’t the only benefit.

GoalsWon also allows you to list and track daily goals and long-term habits, which helps with staying on top of your progress.

The design is user-friendly, and I must admit the daily personal accountability coaching won my heart. Many users felt the same and praised its effectiveness in achieving personal goals.


  • Multi-platform access

  • Personalized human coaching

  • Daily accountability


  • Daily accountability with a personal coach

  • Effective goal-tracking and habit-building

  • Multi-platform access for convenience


  • The Android app is somewhat buggy
  • Missing some valuable features like social accountability

GoalsWon Pricing

Price: $90 per month

2. Flown

Best for ADHD Support

Flown provides a virtual space for individuals with ADHD, boasting unique features to enhance productivity and focus.

The app comes with:

  • Focus sessions with small groups

  • Virtual coworking

  • Body doubling sessions

  • Live breathwork

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Drawing

  • Movement sessions

These activities help users with ADHD get into deep work and mix things up to keep the mind sharp.


  • Virtual focus sessions

  • Remote work support

  • Live breathwork, journaling, meditation, drawing, and movement sessions


  • Offers a variety of focus-enhancing activities

  • Provides financial accountability with subscription plans

  • Supports individuals with ADHD


  • It might not be suitable for everyone

  • Some features can be overwhelming

Some users might find Flown’s vast array of activities a tad overwhelming. Also, while the app does offer a free version, the full range of features requires a subscription, which might be outside everyone’s budget.

But, Flown has been largely praised by its users for its unique approach to ADHD support and its positive impact on their health and productivity.

Flown Pricing

Price: $25 per month, $19 for annual billing, or $900 for a lifetime subscription. Free version available.

3. Forfeit

Best for Financial Motivation

Forfeit allows you to put your money where your mouth is, quite literally. This app motivates users by making them stake their money on their habits. You must complete your habits to avoid losing your money. That’s a pretty effective way to keep you accountable.


  • Financial stake for habit completion

  • Available for iOS and Android devices

  • User-friendly design


  • Encourages being financially accountable through financial stakes

  • High success rate among users

  • User-friendly design


  • Not available for Web, MacOS, or Windows desktop PCs

  • Potential loss of money

While Forfeit is only available for mobile users, its features and benefits include:

  • Simple, user-friendly design

  • Innovative approach to habit tracking

  • High success rate in forming good habits

  • Financial motivation through potential loss of money

These factors have won Forfeit rave reviews from users and make it a top choice for those who need a little extra motivation to stick to their new habits now.

Forfeit Pricing

Price: Free, with a premium subscription available.

4. Focusmate

Best Virtual Coworking Platform

Focusmate is a coworking tool that offers the following features:

  • Session history: Users can keep track of their progress over time.

  • Reminder features: Users can set reminders for upcoming sessions.

  • Video calls: Requires a stable internet connection.

  • Time zone challenges: Users may face challenges due to time zone differences.

  • Productivity impact: Users have praised Focusmate for its impact on their productivity.

  • Sense of community: Focusmate fosters a sense of community among its users.


  • Accountability partner matching

  • Calendar invites for scheduling

  • Real-time interaction through video add-ons


  • Provides a virtual coworking experience

  • It helps users stay focused and motivated

  • Offers a variety of communication and productivity tools


  • Requires a stable internet connection for video calls

  • Time zone differences can affect scheduling

Focusmate offers the following features:

  • Virtual coworking space

  • Matching users with accountability partners for concentrated work sessions

  • Calendar invites for scheduling

  • Video add-ons for real-time interaction

  • User matching preferences to ensure a compatible coworking environment.

Focusmate Pricing

Price: Paid, with free trial or plan available.

5. Tability

Best for Project Management

Tability excels as an outstanding project management tool, assisting teams in staying organized and maintaining focus on their goals.

Whether planning a small project or managing a large team, Tability has you covered with its easy-to-use interface and collaborative features.

One of Tability’s greatest strengths is its goal tracking feature. You can easily:

  • Create and manage tasks

  • Set deadlines

  • Assign team members

  • Monitor progress

This makes it a powerful tool for maintaining productivity and achieving success-focused work. However, Tability does have its downsides. It needs more customization options and offers a mobile app, which could deter some users.


  • Tools to manage projects

  • Goal tracking features

  • Collaboration tools


  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Excellent collaboration features

  • Effective task management


  • Limited customization options

  • No mobile app

Tability Pricing

Price: $29.99

6. Supporti

Best for Positive Peer Support

Supporti is an app that flourishes on the principle of positive peer support. Users can form partnerships and support each other in working on daily actions or bad habits, creating a strong sense of mutual support and accountability.


  • Mutual support system

  • Daily actions and habits tracking

  • Access to supportive community

Apart from its mutual support system, Supporti also offers:

  • Gamification

  • Activity feeds

  • Chat

  • Push notifications

  • Helpful documentation

  • Live chat support

  • In-app guided experiences

  • Personalized communication channels


  • Promotes mutual support among users

  • Helps users consistently perform daily behaviors

  • Provides access to a supportive community


  • Pricing might not be affordable for everyone

  • Might not be suitable for individual users

Supporti Pricing

Its pricing model based on organization size might only be affordable for some, and there might be better fits for individual users looking for personal accountability.

Price: $7,000 – $800,000, based on organization size Specifications:

7. Accountable2You

Best for Parental Control

Accountable2You is a parental control instrument that empowers parents to oversee their children’s digital activity across various devices. It provides real-time reports and instant alerts for device activity and allows parents to customize word settings to suit their preferences.

While Accountable2You is not a filtering software, it provides detailed reports of a child’s activities, including music streaming, reading, and gaming, making it a comprehensive monitoring tool.


  • Multiple device monitoring

  • Detailed activity reports

  • Customizable word settings


  • Provides detailed reports of child’s device activity

  • Allows parents to set custom word settings

  • Can be installed on up to 20 devices


  • Not a filtering software

  • Requires a subscription for full features

Accountable2You Pricing

It’s available at a monthly subscription of $9.99, which might be a con for some. However, many parents find it a worthy investment for the detailed insight and data it provides into a child’s digital activities.

Price: $9.99 per month

8. Boss as a Service: Best Virtual Boss Experience

Boss as a Service is a unique productivity tool. It’s an amusing yet effective concept where screen time is dedicated to a virtual boss who keeps me on track with my tasks. This twist adds a dash of fun to the otherwise serious business of productivity. My virtual boss ensures I stay accountable by checking in daily and sending reminders about my to-do list.

BaaS isn’t just a humorous concept. It has practical uses too, and I’ve noticed that answering to a boss makes me more determined to finish my tasks. Of course, a virtual boss might not be for everyone.

Some may find the idea laughable, but many like myself find it extremely helpful and motivating. If you’re someone who works well under supervision and could use additional accountability, then BaaS could be just what you need.


  • Virtual boss for daily accountability

  • Task tracking and reminders

  • Personalized motivation and support


  • Provides a unique virtual boss experience

  • Tracks daily tasks and provides reminders

  • It helps users stay accountable and motivated


  • It may not be suitable for everyone

  • Some users may find the concept silly

Boss As A Service Pricing

Price: $25 per month

9. StickK App: Best for Commitment Contracts

StickK App has a unique system that uses commitment contracts to push users towards their goals, with the potential risk of financial loss if you fail. The fear of losing money can be a huge motivator, and StickK capitalizes on this by turning your objectives into financial commitments.

What’s cool about StickK is how it lets you decide where your money goes if you fail to reach your objectives. This could be to a friend, a rival, or even a charity.

Based on my research it seems many find the threat of monetary loss a powerful incentive to meet their goals. However, as there’s a risk of losing money, StickK might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially those on a tight budget.

Price: Free Specifications:

  • Commitment contract creation

  • Progress tracking

  • Financial stakes for goal completion


  • Uses commitment contracts to motivate users

  • Increases motivation through potential financial loss

  • Tracks progress towards goals


  • It doesn’t offer any earning opportunities

  • You can potentially lose money

10. Coach.me

Best for Habit Tracking

Transforming goals into daily habits is the secret to enduring success, and Coach.me is engineered to aid you in this process. This user-friendly app lets you set your goals and track progress daily, with check-in and streak stats to keep you motivated.

While Coach.me is free to use, some features require in-app purchases, which might be a downside for some users. Despite the occasional bugs and glitches, users have praised Coach.me for its ease of use and its wide range of habit and goal-tracking options. It’s a top choice for anyone looking to develop healthy habits and improve productivity.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases available in this free app on Google Play


  • Habit and goal tracking

  • Check-in and streak stats

  • Long-term calendar view


  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Wide range of habit and goal-tracking options

  • Motivational features like check-in stats and streaks


  • Some features require in-app purchases

  • Occasional bugs and glitches

Choosing the Right Accountability Partner App for You

Illustration of a person setting and achieving goals with the help of an app

Finding the right accountability app depends on you and your individual needs. Consider what features are important to you, such as tracking capabilities, personalized coaching, and whether you prefer personal or group accountability. It’s also a good idea to establish a budget to ensure you don’t overspend and can find an app that offers great value for your money.

My Final Thoughts

Staying focused and productive has always been a challenge for me. But life took an interesting turn when I discovered accountability partner apps – these tools helped me turbocharge my productivity like never before.

I explored various apps, from comprehensive solutions like GoalsWon to specific offerings like Flown designed for ADHD support. Each offered unique features catering to different needs. As I near the end of my two-year plan, I realize these tools have brough me a long way.

Now, as we step into 2024, I’m excited to continue using them. Having an accountability partner, even a virtual one, might just be the secret sauce you need to unlock your potential. It certainly was for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the app to find an accountability partner?

You can use Supporti, a mobile app that can match you with an accountability partner who shares similar goals and can support you in your journey. Happy partnering!

Is there an app to keep people accountable?

Yes, there are several apps available to help you set goals and keep you accountable, such as Forfeit, FocusMate, Tability, and Supporti. These apps offer features like financial consequences for not meeting goals, finding online accountability partners, and tracking progress.

What is the best accountability partner?

The best accountability partner is someone who understands your goals, is committed to helping you achieve them, and is willing to call you out when needed. Look for someone outside your family and friends who can hold you to your goals with kindness and respect. Keep in mind, meeting in person or virtually can both be effective.

How does an accountability partner app boost productivity?

An accountability partner app boosts productivity by keeping you focused on your goals, allowing you to track progress, set daily tasks, and connect with others for support and motivation. So, it’s a great tool for staying on track and reaching your personal goals.

Are these apps free?

Some apps offer free versions, but many require you pay a subscription to access all features, so it’s best to check the pricing before using an app.