Ever found yourself sitting in the kitchen on a Wednesday evening, sipping your lukewarm coffee, only to realize that you’ve completely forgotten about your daughter’s soccer practice?

Or maybe you’ve missed another important deadline at work because it got lost in the chaos of sticky notes and traditional wall calendars. If this sounds all too familiar, then a Digital Wall Calendar is what you need.

Digital Display Calendars are high tech wi-fi, wall mount, calendar that can help you juggle your personal, family, and even business schedules on one display.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you our top picks for the best digital wall calendars that will change your organizational woes into a well-oiled family organized, efficient machine.

Best digital display calendars of 2024

Here are some of the best digital wall calendars available:

  1. Cozyla Family Calendar Display – Best overall for Family
  2. Skylight Calendar – best smart family calendar

  3. Amazon Echo Show – best for smart home integration

  4. Hearth Display: best for digital display calendar at home

  5. Matteroffractions

  6. DAKBoard: best for tech enthusiasts

  7. Cozi App: best for beginners

  8. Mango Display: Best for eco-conscious users

1. Cozyla Smart Family Calendar – Best Overall

Cozyla is a smart touchscreen platform that helps with scheduling and sharing information in your home. It has a special rotating wall mount that can easily switch between vertical and horizontal views to suit different preferences.

The screen is clear and fast, making tasks run smoothly. Connecting it to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes it easy to sync with other devices, keeping things organized.

Assigning colors to each family member’s activities makes it simple to track everyone’s plans. Plus, you can return the product within 30 days if needed, and there are no subscription fees, giving you peace of mind.

2. Skylight Calendar – Best Smart Family Calendar

I started using the Skylight Calendar in our home, and it’s been like a magic wand for organizing our crazy family life. It’s this super smart calendar that’s built to pull a family together by sorting out our schedules in a way that everyone can get on board with. For a busy household that’s always buzzing with stuff to do, from chores to soccer practices, and parents juggling work, this thing is a lifesaver.

Here’s how it’s made things way easier for us:

Everything in One Spot: The Skylight Calendar has this cool touchscreen where we can see everything that’s going on – who’s doing what chore, what’s for dinner, and when each of us has something important happening. It means we’re all looking at the same big picture, which cuts down on the “I forgot” or “I didn’t know” moments.

Syncs Up With Our Lives: This calendar plays nice with all the other calendars we already use, like Google and Apple. It pulls in everything from everyone’s schedules into one place. So now, there’s no mix-ups about when I’ve got a work meeting or when the kids have their activities.

We Can Use It Anywhere: With the Skylight app on our phones, we can change plans or add new stuff to shared calendars no matter where we are. It’s perfect for those times when something unexpected comes up, and we need to shuffle things around.

Chores Get Done: It has this Chore Chart feature that’s actually made chores less of a battle. The kids can see interactive chore chart to see what they need to do, and ticking things off feels good. It’s teaching them to be responsible in a fun way.

No More Dinner Drama: Deciding what’s for dinner every night used to be a headache. Now, we plan meals on the calendar, so everyone knows what’s cooking. It’s made family’s meal plan prep so much smoother.

Lists for Everything: We also use it to keep track of shopping lists or stuff we need to pack for trips. It’s handy having all these lists in one place where we can all add things as soon as we think of them.

Since we’ve had the chore charts, the Skylight Calendar, our more routine tasks and family life has just felt more in sync. There’s less stress about who needs to be where and when, and we’re not double-booking ourselves anymore. It’s even made the kids more keen to do their chores with the chore chart.

And for me, it’s been a huge relief not having to keep track of everything in my head. It’s like we’ve got a family command center right on our wall, keeping us all focused and moving forward together. Honestly, it’s changed the game for us, making our days smoother and a lot more fun.

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Product features

View Calendars On The Go: With Skylight Calendar, your family’s schedule is always within reach. Whether you’re at home or on the move, you can easily keep track of all your appointments and events.

So Simple to Set Up: Don’t worry about complicated installation processes. With Skylight, you’ll have your new digital calendar up and running in under 5 minutes. It’s as simple as plug, connect, and go!

Partner With Your Google Calendar: Skylight integrates easily with your Google Calendar. So you can easily sync all your existing appointments and events, making the transition to your new digital wall calendar smooth and hassle-free.

Add Photos for Those Extra Special Days: Want to make birthdays and anniversaries even more special? With Skylight, you can add your own color and photos to these significant dates, adding a personal touch to your digital calendar that everyone in the family will love.

Skylight specifications

  • 10-inch and 15-inch models

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • Syncs with major calendars

Skylight calendar pricing

The Skylight Calendar is here to help you keep track of your schedule and it comes in two sizes, depending on what amount outlook calendar you need.

If you want to see everything super clearly, go for the big 15-inch model that costs $299. But if you don’t have a lot of room, the smaller 10-inch one is perfect and it’s cheaper too, at $159. Both versions will get to you in about 5-7 days with normal shipping, but if you can’t wait to get organized, you can pick faster shipping and have it in just 3-5 days.

Not sure if it’s right for you? No problem! Skylight offers a cool deal where you can return it for free up to 120 days after buying. So, if it’s not what you expected, you can send it back for full refund, within four months, no worries!

Here’s the short version:

  • You can return it for free within 120 days.

  • Pick from two sizes: the 10-inch for $159 or the bigger 15-inch for $299.

  • You can choose how fast you want it delivered: standard (5-7 days) or faster (3-5 days).

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3. Amazon Echo Show – Best for Smart Home

The Echo Show 15 by Amazon people is like a super cool, smart screen that can do a bunch of things to help your family stay on track and have fun. Imagine it as a control center for your home, but instead of buttons and switches, you’ve got a big 15-inch touchscreen that can hang on a wall or sit on a shelf. Plus, it’s got Fire TV built-in, so you can watch all your favorite shows and movies without needing anything else.

What’s really awesome about the Echo Show 15 is that it works with Alexa, which is Amazon’s smart assistant. This means you can just talk to it! Want to add something to your shopping list, know if it’s going to rain, or play some music? Just ask Alexa, and it’s like magic – no hands needed.

And it gets even better. You can make the Echo Show 15 show off stuff that’s important to you and your family. Put up your best photos, choose cool widgets (which are like mini-apps on the screen), and pick what info you want to see every day. It’s like making a digital board that’s all about what you like and need.

Check out what the Echo Show 15 can do

Customizable Home Screen: Decorate the screen with your photos and choose widgets to make it feel like it’s really yours.
Family and Household Hub: Helps everyone know what’s going on, from shopping lists to when soccer practice is, and can even show off family photos like a digital picture frame.
Smart Home Control: You can control lights, cameras, and other smart stuff in your house right from the Echo Show 15. Just ask Alexa to help out.
Voice Assistant: With Alexa, you can manage your calendar, get the latest on the weather, and do tons more just by talking.
Family Communication: It works like an intercom, so you can talk to family members in other rooms easily – no yelling needed.
Calendar Integration: Keeps your family’s schedule smooth by working with calendar apps like Google Calendar and Outlook.
Information Hub: Gives you quick updates on the weather, news, and traffic so you’re always ready for the day.

The Echo Show 15 costs about $300, and Amazon has different bundles you might want to check out. Prices can change, so it’s a good idea to look on Amazon for the latest info.

In short, if you’re on the lookout for a gadget that can help keep your family organized, entertained, and in control of your smart home, all in one, then the Echo Show 15 could be just what you need. With Alexa inside, ways to make it personal, and a cool design, it’s a great addition to any family looking to stay connected and on top of things.

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4. Hearth Display: Best for Digital Display Calendar at Home

The Hearth Display is like a super smart calendar you can touch, designed to help families keep track of everything they need to do. It puts all your family’s schedules, chores, and meal plans in one spot, on a big screen that everyone can see and use. This way, everyone at home knows what’s happening, when it’s happening, and what they need to do, without any mix-ups.

How the Hearth Calendar works:

Think of the Hearth Display as your family’s command center. It hooks up to all the different things your family has going on – like who needs to be where, who’s doing what chore, and what’s for dinner. It shows all this info on a touchscreen that’s easy for anyone to use. Because everything’s in one place, it makes life simpler and keeps everyone on the same page.

Three cool things about it:

Makes Life Easier for Parents: One of the best things about the Hearth Display is it takes some pressure off moms, dads, or anyone taking care of the family. Since all the plans and jobs are right there on the screen, parents don’t have to keep reminding everyone about their chores or activities. This means less stress and more time for fun stuff.

Helps Kids Do Their Own Thing: With a schedule view everything laid out clearly, kids can see what they need to do on their own. They get better at taking care of their chores and keeping track of their schedule without someone always telling them what to do. It’s pretty cool because it helps kids learn to be responsible and independent.

Keeps Everyone Organized: The Hearth Display is like the ultimate organizer. It makes sure nothing gets missed because all the important family stuff is in one spot. Need to remember a school meeting? Check the Hearth Display. Wondering what’s for dinner? It’s on the screen. It’s a game-changer for making sure everyone knows what’s going on.

In short, the Hearth Display makes managing family life a lot easier and more fun. It helps everyone talk better, get their stuff done, and it makes sure no one forgets what they need to do. For any family that’s always busy and trying to stay organized, it’s a super helpful tool.

Product features

  • Shared household calendar for better family life management

  • Personalized routines for each family member

  • Interactive to-do lists with chore chart

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My Top Picks of the Best Digital Wall Calendars

Hearth Display

Family Chore Chart

Syncs with Google Calendar

27′ screen – Calendar Max

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Skylight Calendar

Smart Calendar

Family Command center


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Amazon Echo Show

Home Control Centre

Syncs with Alexa

Touch Screen

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4. Matteroffraction

Product features

  • Handcrafted wooden frame

  • Seamless software integration

  • Can function as a digital photo frame

My top 3 standout features

Everything in One Place: The best part about this digital calendar is how it puts all your plans, jobs to do, and reminders right where you can see them. No more flipping through a paper planner or jumping between apps on your phone. Just one look at your matteroffractions calendar, and you know what’s up for today, this week, or the whole month. It makes keeping track of stuff way easier.

Make It Your Own: This calendar probably lets you change how you view it (like seeing just today, this week, or the whole month) and set your own reminders for things coming up. So, whether you like to see everything at once or need a nudge so you stay prepared and don’t forget stuff, you can set it up just how you like. This means no more missed deadlines or forgetting about that thing you had planned.

Looks Cool, Too: Besides being super useful, this calendar can also look awesome, showing off fun graphics, inspiring quotes, or even your own pictures right there with your schedule. This makes planning stuff more fun and turns your calendar into something that also makes your space look great.

How it keeps you organized

By putting all the things you need to remember in one spot that’s easy and fun to use, a calendar like this would make planning your life smoother. You’d spend less time trying to remember everything and more time actually doing stuff. Seeing your plans in a way that’s easy to understand helps you stay on top of things and get better at managing your time.

So, even though I can’t show you the exact thing from that site, I hope you get how a digital calendar like matteroffractions could really help keep your days organized and make sure you’re always where you need to be, when you need to be there.

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5. DAKboard Smart Wall Calendar

I’ve got this cool thing called a DAKboard in my life now, and it’s basically this all-in-one digital display that keeps me organized and makes my day-to-day life easier. It pulls together photos, my calendar, the latest news, and even the weather forecast into this really nice-looking screen. It’s awesome because it helps me keep track of all the important stuff without having to check a bunch of different places.

Here’s how it works for me: My DAKboard hooks up to all my online accounts, so it grabs all my stuff like appointments from my calendar and pictures from social media. It even keeps me updated on the weather and what’s happening in the world. Setting it up was super easy, and I could make it look just the way I wanted, which is pretty cool.

Okay, so there are three things about it that I think are super neat:

Digital Wall Calendar and Agenda View: This thing acts like a big calendar on my wall, showing me what I’ve got going on every month. But it also gives me a special view of my agenda, so I don’t miss any important stuff I need to do or places I need to be. It keeps everything important right in front of me, but it looks good while doing it.

Digital Photo Frame: Besides keeping me organized, my DAKboard is like having a constantly changing photo album on display. I get to see all my favorite memories in super clear quality, and updating it with new photos is super easy. It’s like having my personal art gallery.

Ultimate Smart Home Dashboard: This is probably the coolest part. My DAKboard can control smart home gadgets and shows everything in landscape view, so it’s like the command center for my house. I can manage to-do lists, control devices, and a lot more, all without any hassle.

Basically, my DAKboard is like having a personal assistant that also shows off my favorite photos and keeps my home smart. It’s made everything simpler and looks great doing it. Whether it’s for my room or the whole house, it’s definitely changed the game for keeping things organized and fun. Read my full review here.

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6. Cozi App

The beginner’s gateway to organization

Cozi is like a super helpful digital planner for the whole family. It’s an app that makes keeping track of everyone’s schedules and daily tasks a breeze. With Cozi, you can see what everyone in the family is up to, all in one spot. It even lets you color-code activities by person, so you can quickly see who’s got what going on.

What’s cool about cozi

Calendar: There’s one spot where all the family’s plans go – from soccer practice to dentist appointments. It shows everything so nobody gets mixed up.
Shopping Lists: You can make a grocery list that everyone can add to from their phones. This way, you won’t forget the milk or end up with three loaves of bread.
To Do Lists: Need to keep track of chores or plan a trip? You can make lists for anything and share them with the family so everyone knows what’s up.
Recipes & Meal Planner: Save your favorite recipes in the app and plan out your meals for the week. It makes figuring out dinner way less of a headache.

Why cozi rocks

Everyone’s on the Same Page: Cozi sends updates and reminders to the family so no one misses out or double-books themselves. It keeps everyone in sync.
No More Grocery Store Oops: Since the grocery list is shared, anyone can add what you need, and you can check things off as you shop. This means no more trips back to the store for forgotten items.
Meal Planning is a Snap: With all your recipes and a meal planner in the app, you can easily decide what to cook and make sure you’ve got all the ingredients ready.

Cozi got a shoutout on the TODAY show as a must-have for families. It works on phones, tablets, and computers, making it super handy for managing all the busy parts of family life. Whether it’s keeping track of school stuff, sorting out who needs to be where, or just figuring out dinner, Cozi makes everything simpler.

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7. Mango Display

The Eco-Friendly Innovator

Mango Display is a cool app that turns any screen you have at home into a board that shows all sorts of info you want to see. You can use your TV, tablet, or computer screen to show your calendar, favorite photos, the weather, notes to yourself, and lots more. Getting it set up is super easy and doesn’t take long at all. With Mango Display, you can make sure all the stuff you need to keep track of is right there where you can see it, making your life a bit more organized and fun to look at.

How it works

Here’s the deal with Mango Display: you get the app going on devices you already have, like your Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, Android gadgets, Apple iPad, or even on a web browser. Once it’s hooked up, you can pick from ready-made designs or drag and drop things around to make your own setup. You can choose if you want everything to be sideways (landscape) or upright (portrait), and it works with your calendars from Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Plus, it can show off your best pics from places like Apple iCloud or Google Photos.

Three awesome things about it

Keeps Everything in One Spot: Mango Display is like having a command center that puts all your important stuff—like when you have soccer practice, family birthdays, or homework due—in one place. This way, you don’t have to dig through a bunch of apps or papers to find out what’s going on.

Shows Off What You Like: This app lets you make your screen look just how you want. You can have it display your coolest vacation pics, catch you up on news you care about, or even give you a daily pep talk with inspiring quotes. It’s a neat way to make your space feel more like you.

Super Easy to Use: Even if you’re not a tech whiz, Mango Display is a breeze to set up and make your own. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and changing things up whenever you want is no big deal. This makes staying on top of your schedule and stuff less of a headache.

So, to wrap it up, Mango Display is a handy app for anyone who wants to keep their life tidy and have a bit of fun with their screens. Whether you’re juggling school and sports or just want to keep your family in the loop, it’s a flexible and pretty cool way to do it.

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What is a digital wall calendar

Understanding the functionality of a digital wall calendar

A digital wall calendar is like the cool, high-tech cousin of the paper calendar you might stick on your fridge. Instead of flipping pages, it’s a screen that can be as simple as a tablet or as big as a smart TV, hanging on your wall or sitting on a shelf. It’s connected to the same internet connection, so it can show your schedule, appointments, and all those important dates you’ve got saved in online calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal, all updated in real-time.

What you need to know about digital calendars

It’s great for keeping track of events, managing your schedule, and making sure you don’t forget important things. The main components of a digital wall calendar are a monthly calendar synced with multiple users’ calendars, customizable lists, the ability to display photos, news, weather, and to-do lists, and a visual representation of dates, events, and appointments.

How It Works:

Syncing Up: First, you link the digital calendar with the online calendars you already use. This way, anything you add or change from multiple calendars on your phone or computer shows up on the digital calendar automatically.

Choosing What You See: You can pick how the calendar looks, showing your schedule by the day, week, or month, checking the weather, keeping a to-do list, latest photos, and even seeing everyone in the family’s plans in their own colors. Some let you turn it into a picture frame when you’re not checking dates.

Interacting With It: Depending on what kind you have, you can touch it, talk to it, or use an app to add new stuff or change plans. It’s designed so anyone in the house can use it easily.

Getting Reminded: The calendar can also send you reminders about what’s coming up, so you don’t forget anything important.

Why It’s Super Helpful:

Everything in One Spot: With everything on one big screen, it’s easy for the whole family to see what’s happening and when, which means less messing up plans or booking two things at the same time.

Always Up-to-Date: Since it syncs with your online calendars, any changes you make, even when you’re out and about, show up on the digital calendar at home.

Easy to See: Its big display means you can see what’s going on from across the room, way easier than squinting at a phone screen or a planner.

Keeping the Family Organized: It’s great for families because custom lists so you can color-code everyone’s schedules. This makes it super clear who needs to be where, helping plan family time or divide up chores.

A digital wall calendar can help improve planning and organization by giving you a clearer view of your future goals and big projects, so you can schedule your time accordingly. It also gives you a visual display of all your events and schedule, making it easier to stay on top of upcoming events, tasks and appointments.

In short, a digital wall calendar takes the old-school method of keeping track of things and zaps it with a bit of technology magic. It’s interactive, always current, and makes coordinating with family or roommates a whole lot smoother. If you’re looking to make life a little less chaotic, this could be just the tool you need.

The benefits of a digital Wall calendar

A family interacting with a digital wall calendar to organize their schedules

Updates in a Flash: The best thing about a digital wall calendar is that it updates instantly. When someone adds something new—like a school project due date or a family BBQ—it pops up right away for everyone to see. This means no more mix-ups about who needs to be where or when. Everyone’s in the loop, all the time.

Teamwork Made Easy: Adding stuff to the calendar or changing plans is super simple, and everyone can get involved. It’s like having a digital place where the whole family can gather and plan things together. It makes everyone feel part of the team and helps build a stronger family vibe.

Keeps Everything Organized: With everything going on—school, sports, meetings—it can be tough to keep track. A digital wall calendar lets you see all the family’s plans at once, which really helps keep things organized. Plus, because everyone can see what others are up to, it makes it easier to chat about plans or figure out when to have some family time.

Why It Beats Phone Apps and Paper Planners: Sure, apps and paper planners are great for one person, but they don’t bring everyone together like a digital wall calendar does. Here’s why:

Everyone Can Join In: No matter if you’re 8 or 80, you can use the digital wall calendar. It’s always there, on display, inviting everyone to see what’s happening and add their own stuff.

No One’s Left Out: Because the calendar is always up to date and easy for everyone to see, nobody misses out on knowing about family plans or events. This is super important for keeping busy families connected.

Brings Families Closer: When everyone’s activities and to-dos are visible in one place, it’s easier for the family to support each other. Need a lift to a an event or friend’s house or help studying for a test? The calendar makes it clear who might be able to help out, helping everyone feel more connected.

A digital wall calendar is much more than a way to track dates—it’s a techy way to make family life smoother and more connected. It mixes technology with a personal touch to help families manage their busy lives while staying close. Whether you’re planning weekend adventures, celebrating big wins, or just keeping up with daily life, a digital wall calendar is a key tool for any family looking to stay organized and in tune with each other.


Digital wall calendars are a great solution for busy families and professionals looking to stay organized and connected. With a variety of options available, from the family-friendly Skylight Calendar display to the tech-savvy DAKboard to the eco-friendly Mango Display, there’s a digital wall calendar to suit every need. As technology continues to evolve, these calendars are set to become an essential part of our daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have lingering questions about digital wall calendars. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand these devices better:

How to display google calendar on tv?

You can display a Google Calendar on your TV using Screenly. Just follow the instructions provided for Screenly to set it up. Try it out and enjoy the convenience of viewing your calendar on your TV!

How does a digital wall calendar work?

A digital wall calendar works by displaying your schedule and reminders in a dynamic calendar format, helping you stay organized and stay informed about your commitments.

Can I use the Cozi App without an ad?

Yes, you can use the Cozi App without an ad by subscribing to the premium version, Cozi Gold. Enjoy an ad-free experience!

How does the Amazon Echo Show work as a digital wall calendar?

The Amazon Echo Show works as a digital wall calendar by letting you customize a routine for your calendar and add events in the Alexa app. It’s a convenient way to display and edit events and manage your schedule.

What is the price of the Hearth Display?

The price of the Hearth Display is $599.

Can I use the Skylight Calendar with my Amazon Echo Show?

Yes, you can use the Skylight Calendar with your Amazon Echo Show. Just open the Alexa app, go to More, then Routines, and create a routine for your calendar events.

How much does the Matteroffraction digital wall calendar cost?

The Matteroffraction digital wall calendar is priced at $729.

Where should I put my digital wall calendar?

You should place your digital wall calendar where you and your entire family can easily see it, like in the kitchen or living room.

Where can I buy a digital wall calendar?

You can find digital family calendars for sale online.

How does Mango Display work?

Mango Display is a calendar app that can be installed on a tablet or smart TV. It serves as a digital wall or table calendar, providing a convenient and interactive way to organize schedules and reminders.